NDURE Hydration Reservoir 1.5 LTR

NDURE Hydration Reservoir 1.5 LTR
NDURE Hydration Reservoir 1.5 LTR
NDURE Hydration Reservoir 1.5 LTR NDURE Hydration Reservoir 1.5 LTR
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Experience the ultimate in hands-free hydration with NDURE Hydration Reservoirs. These reservoirs are engineered to be simple, flexible, and ultra-durable, making them the ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts. The narrower width is perfectly suited for smaller packs and vests.

The wide slide top opening allows for fast filling and ensures a leakproof seal, so you can stay hydrated without any worries. The flexible TPU drink tube is designed to be non-kinking, providing a smooth and uninterrupted flow of water. The soft bite valve offers a high flow rate for easy drinking on your adventures.

Cleaning the Hydration Reservoir is hassle-free with its fully reversible design. Simply turn it inside out for easy access and thorough cleaning. The reservoir is equipped with a leakproof quick disconnect system, allowing for convenient detachment and reattachment of the tube.

Features like the fill scale in milliliters and ounces make it easy to monitor your hydration levels. Rest assured that the reservoirs are made from BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free materials, ensuring the safety of your water.


  • Capacity: 1500 ml / 50 fl oz
  • Weight: 92 g / 3.25 oz
  • Dimensions: 155 mm x 290 mm / 6.10 in x 11.42 in
  • Tube Length: 900 mm / 35.50 in
  • Materials: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) / HDPE / Silicone
  • Color: Precipitous Blue

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What's included in the box?

A: The box includes a reversible reservoir with a top slider, a 90 cm non-kinking Hydration Tube, a high flow bite valve, and a quick disconnect system.

Q: How do I clean the HydraReservoir?

A: Cleaning the HydraReservoir is simple. We recommend using warm soapy water with a brush or cleaning tabs to remove any residue, especially if you're using energy gels or nutrition mixes. The bite valves and tubes can be easily removed for cleaning. Make sure to let the reservoir dry out completely while reversed.

Q: Does the reservoir require maintenance?

A: Yes, for optimal performance, periodically apply a food-grade silicone lubricant to the O-ring (on the end of the hose) and the top slider.

Q: How do I (dis)connect the tube from the reservoir?

A: To connect, simply push the insert (on the tube) into the body (on the reservoir) until you hear and feel it click into place. To disconnect, push the gray button on the body and pull out the insert. The body automatically seals after the insert is removed.

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