Hydra Cleaning Kit

Hydra Cleaning Kit
Hydra Cleaning Kit
Hydra Cleaning Kit
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Keep your Reservoir and Soft Flask clean with the Hydra Cleaning Kit. Included in the kit is a ladder expander that holds the reservoir open to dry after use and three specially designed brushes, one for the reservoir, one for the soft flask and one for the tube. Keep your equipment in top condition.


• Removes stubborn stains from your drink tube, cleans your reservoir and flask of any residue all-naturally

• Ladder expander

• Cleaning brush for Reservoir

• Flexible wire brush for Tube / Hose

• Cleaning brush for Soft Flask





Color: Blue 


► How Do i clean my reservoir or soft flask?

Wash the reservoir with hot water and mild soap. Be sure to completely rinse away any bleach or cleaning solution before using it again. You can also use the brushes from the NDURE Cleaning Kit to scrub your reservoir and tube. Brushes are the best way to ensure you are scrubbing all of the areas of the reservoir clean. Once the reservoir is clean, be sure to air dry it so no moisture is trapped inside, using the ladder expander.

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